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Bape catalogue

For everyone wondering where I got the Bape catalogue for my last post, I downloaded it from the official BAPE website, here is the link.

The official BAPE site

You will need to download the program which gathers the latest catalogue data for you.  There is applications for both mac and windows based operating systems.  Once you download and run the program you will have many choices to choose from besides the clothing such as music by teriyaki boyz and other artists on the BAPE recording label.  The program also contains information on upcoming events, products and other news.  Music plays in the background but it is a very short loop and gets very repetitive after awhile.  To turn it off click on the speaker icon in the top right of the catalogue interface.  It is a pretty easy to use GUI so download it and try it for yourself.

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For all Canadian, and Australian visitors, this is for you.  Chances are most of you know about the game manhunt, and for those who don’t here is a brief explanation.  Manhunt is a game similar to tag, however whoever gets tagged joins the tagger and helps look for everyone else.  Depending on the skill of the person doing the hunting, and the tactics of the hunted the game can go on for quite some time.  Anyhow, I have found a couple of sites devoted to manhunt games in urban cities across Canada and one in Perth.  Here is the list:


If you find any others or start your own, let me know and I will add it to the list.  So thats it, make sure to check out the site closest to your hometown and get out there.

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I found an awesome Japanese tv show called Pythagora switch.  The show is videos of different rube goldberg machines, some more complex than others.  I wish there was tv shows like this when I was a kid, instead I had crap like today’s special.

 Check it out, and prepare to be amazed!

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