blackberry-8800-ft.jpgEver since RIM switched all the new devices over to a trackball I have found that the devices have a lot more problems.  The main problem is that the trackball becomes unresponsive due to lint and dust getting slide underneath.  I do like the look of the 8800 and consider it a good device, however the other day I discovered the price of the device is $699.  I was shocked at the price because I find that the blackberry 8800 offers nothing more than any other PDA.  I am waiting for the iPhone 3G for my personal device but unfortunately Rogers Cable the monopoly that runs media in Canada is not going to be offering an unlimited data plan which takes away from the iPhones appeal signifcantly.

Overall, the 8800 is a nice PDA but is not worth the price.  Perhaps once the iPhone is released the price of the 8800 will drop accordingly.  If so, I would suggest it.

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