I have been using the iGoogle interface for the past 2 weeks now and have found it to be fairly useful, it just requires some time to get it setup the way you like it. One thing I notice is that additional gadgets can easily be added which makes customization simple.

Eventually while installing gadgets I noticed this message.

“Module requires inlining. Inline modules can alter other parts of the page, and could give its author access to information including your Google cookies and preference settings for other modules. Click OK if you trust this module’s author or delete to remove this module.”

Screw that! What that pretty much says is that it would give the author access to every single search I perform on Google and what links I actually click on. That is one downside to web based gadgets I notice. I am just waiting for someone to exploit the Facebook API and create an app which just steals as much personal info on everyone it can. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long or else I will get bored and make one myself.

Overall I find this interface to be very useful, the only thing which I find bad about this whole thing is name. Apple has been branding everything with “i” in front of it for awhile now and for Google to call it iGoogle is the laziest approach at creativity I have seen in awhile. Google+ or something would have been better.

So much for their “Don’t be evil’ slogan.

Here are some screen shot, I have two tabs setup so you can see my ‘Home’ tab and my ‘Stuff’ tab.



Feel free to leave comments on your experiences with iGoogle.

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