So I have been getting a lot of questions and requests regarding BAPE. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked question (CAQ).

Q. How much is an average pair of BAPE STA shoes?

A. There are some special theme branded shoes with Marvel comic themes to them,. I have seen Iron Man, Superman, Superwoman, and Batman. There are probably some other themes as well. These themed shoes cost more then the average pair as they are using Marvel property for the themes. A regular pair of BAPE’s costs about ¥1600 - ¥2000 which is about $160 - $200 CND.

Q. Where can I buy BAPE?

A. BAPE has 33 oficial stores located in Japan. In the U.S.A. there are two stores; one is in Los Angeles, and the other is in New York City. There is also stores in Europe and in Hong Kong. Because Bape sells different styles at different stores, people would get the best variety by buying BAPE in Japan.

Q. What does BAPE mean?

A. BAPE stands for a Bathing Ape. The company was created by Dj Nigo; he called the company a Bathing Ape because it is an expression used in Japan to mean spoiled which is what he thinks of the current generation in Japan.

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I found an awesome Japanese tv show called Pythagora switch.  The show is videos of different rube goldberg machines, some more complex than others.  I wish there was tv shows like this when I was a kid, instead I had crap like today’s special.

 Check it out, and prepare to be amazed!

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I have signed up for Japanese classes, I will post as much course material that I can on-line. This way others will have the opportunity to learn the Japanese language as well, you just won’t receive any credit or diploma for it. Unless of course you would like a certificate from myself, if I get enough requests I will write a basic test and if you pass you will get a certificate from myself that verifies you are up to par for basic Japanese speaking and writing.

Until I get the actual course content up I will upload my notes that I have taken from videos, books and other educational sources. If anyone would like to contribute their own notes, I would be quite apprecieative if people would send them to me. Please mention in the email if it is alright for me to put the notes on my site (I will still give you credit).

Anyway, make sure to check the site often for updates or sign up for the RSS feed.

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