Mac hotness.Don’t let the title fool you, this post has nothing to do with Mims, just Macs.  I have started using Mac’s recently at home and at work and am impressed with the overall experience.  So far, everything has been fairly easy to get used to.  Installations are easy but sometimes it is a pain in the ass to find things.

One thing I have noticed is that Mac’s get very hot.  I have found this with Macbooks in the past, and the hottest I have seen them go is 72.C although the  case is metal and is probably conducting a great deal of the heat.

While under some heavy processor usage the other day, I was noticing things getting hotter and figured that it was most likely the Mac and not me.  I loaded up TemperatureMonitor by Marcel Bresink and checked out what the sensors were reading.  The average for the whole thing was 56.33C, and the Northbridge Heat Sink was at 82C.  I am not use to PC’s getting this hot and so I was naturally a little alarmed about the whole thing and figured I should try to cool the system down.  I found a tool called smcFanControl which lets me toggle the fan speed.  I increased my fans and began pushing all of the hot air into my room.

I don’t know how much smcFanControl really helped because I finished my tasks and the CPU loads returned to normal, however I did see an improvement and I could clearly hear the fans increase in rpm’s which was good for the cooling.

So if someday your Mac feels like it is on fire, here is where you can get the applications that I ended up using.

Temperature Monitor -

smcFanControl - 

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