So you want to learn how to count in Japanese? It really is quite simple and makes a lot of sense once you understand it. To begin we will start with 1 to 10.

One - Ichi
Two - Ni
Three - San
Four - Shi or Yon
Five - Go
Six - Roku
Seven - Sishi or Nana
Eight - Hachi
Nine - Ku
Ten - Juu

Now that you know this much you can combine the numbers to count from 1 all the way to 99. For 20 you use 2 x 10 which is Ni Juu. For 28 you would use 2 x 10 and 8 which is Ni Juu Hachi. 99 would be Ku Juu Ku and so on. By the way for 11 to 19 you don’t need to say Ichi Juu Ichi it is just Juu Ichi, Juu Ni, Juu San, etc…

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